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Society for Social Studies of Science

Invited Session: Reproductive Justice and Injustice

Friday, September 1

Organizer and Chair: Banu Subramaniam

Boston, Massachusetts, has long been a center of activism around reproductive health, rights, and justice. At this historical moment, we have witnessed an explosion of new reproductive techno-possibilities for some, even while individual rights and reproductive autonomy for others have been severely curtailed. With the rise of authoritarian governments across the world we are witnessing renewed assaults on bodily freedoms. The aim of this special Program Committee-sponsored panel is to assess the landscape of reproductive politics and policies today, theorize new frames for reproductive justice, and explore progressive possibilities for the future. We draw on the rich history of Boston to highlight local and global activism.


Khiara Bridges (Boston University, Boston, USA)

Dana-ain Davis (Queens College, New York, USA)

Cei Lambert (Fenway Health, Boston, USA)

Susan Yanow (Women Help Women, Boston, USA)

Evelynn Hammonds, Moderator (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)

Debora Diniz (International Women's Health Coalition; University of Brasilia, Brazil)