Air Pollution in Real Time in Cuenca & New Orleans in 2019

Paola Estefanía Galarza;
Paola Estefanía Galarza, Kaleidos - Centro de Etnografía Interdisciplinaria (Universidad de Cuenca & FLACSO Ecuador)

New Orleans 2019: Mapping / monitoring

This making and doing project aims to show how air pollution moves across an Andean city as well as during the conference in New Orleans. Our project will visually explore air pollution in two different moments. First, it will combine time lapses of the city of Cuenca together with real-time measurements of air pollution. We will showcast this work through a video of our work that graphically charts three sights of the city where we have measured air pollution movements and time lapses of the same city points. The second part of our presentation will chart air pollution at the sight of the conference through an air pollution sensor and a tv screen that showcast air quality results in real-time. Together, these projects will present in a visually attractive way air pollution movements in the Andes during 2019 and in New Orleans during the conference.