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4S Honolulu Paraconference

Published On: Mar 23, 2023

In collaboration with the Environmental inJustice: Building a Global Record project and local EJ activists in Hawai’i, interested 4S members will re-analyze their research on colonialism, militarism and/or environmental injustice and para-site it by situating it in ...

4S Council Nominations — 2023

Published On: Feb 22, 2023

4S Council Nominations — 2023 Nominations open: 15 March Deadline: 19 April 4S will hold its annual election in May, seeking to fill seats for three Council members, the Treasurer, and one 6S (Student Section) representative, all of whom will serve from November 202...

Remembering Bruno Latour (1947–2022)

Published On: Oct 10, 2022

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Building Community with ESTS

Sep 9 2022

Aalok Khandekar; Noela Invernizzi, Duygu Kaşdoğan, Ali Kenner, Angela Okune, Grant Jun Otsuki, Sujatha Raman, Amanda Windle, Emily York, ESTS Editorial Collective

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Epistemic violence in STEM textbooks: A Feminist critique of biostatistics

Mar 27, 2023
This post raises the issue of epistemic violence in STEM textbooks. The case of Biostatistics textbook that features a disproportionate number of problems on breast cancer, which contai...

The Enantiodromia Yin-Yang Dual Time System

Mar 23, 2023
Rey Tiquia describes the challenges for those trying to live according to local space, local time and local culture, while dominated by abstract, universalizing and modernistic temporal...

The world in a billion points: Interview with ScanLAB Projects

Mar 13, 2023
This week, ScanLAB co-founder William Trossell elaborates on the studio’s 3D scanning work, their collaborations with scientific communities and possibilities for future practice....

A current question: What is STS? A Report on the 2022 STS Turkey Conference

Feb 27, 2023
In this bilingual report, Ayşe Ayda Gerçek and Ilgın İrem Gündüz provide a thematic overview of the debates and highlights of the most recent STS Turkey conference.

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4S Honolulu Paraconference

Mar 23, 2023
In collaboration with the Environmental inJustice: Building a Global Record project and local EJ activists in Hawai’i, interested 4S members wil...

CfP: Google, a major stakeholder in local governance?

Mar 21, 2023
The Digital Cities Chair of the Urban School of Sciences Po, in partnership with the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics, is organizi...

CfP — Environmental Materialities of the Digital

Mar 21, 2023
Reset is an open-access journal publishing empirical studies on digital technologies in French and English. The abstracts (500 words maximum) are due ...

Call for Applications: AusSTS 2023 Conference [July 17+18]

Mar 21, 2023
We are pleased to announce that the Call for Applications for AusSTS 2023 is now open! We welcome participants at all career stages to share research ...