Ida Toft, Concordia University

Posted: August 14, 2019

Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit is a game for strategic interventions into the ebbs and flows of surveillance and profiling using personal devices and social media. Taking action beyond the extreme positions of comfortable lethargy or paranoid paralysis Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit can be a critical and collaborative investigation of surveillance algorithms. Play Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit on your apps and phones!

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Making and Doing

    Toronto 2021
        Inventive AI
        Storytelling as Relations

    Virtual Prague 2020
        Disasters, Breakdowns, Precarity, 
        Slow Violence

        Experiments in Collaboration and 
        Critical Participation

        Medicine, Health, Disability Studies
        Climate Change, Anthropocene, 

        Multispecies Assemblages, Life 
        Sciences, Queer Ecologies

        Politics, Governmentality, Participation 
        and Protest

        Big Data, Information Sciences, 

        Worlds Otherwise
        Religion, Spirits, Animism Speculative 
        Apparatuses, Sensing Practices

    New Orleans 2019
        Living with
        Playing / Crafting
        Experiencing / Listening
        Mapping / Monitoring

    Sydney 2018
        Situated Knowledges
        Infrastructure and co-design
        Knowing and governing
        Issues, people and publics
        Performance and effect
        Methods and practices

    Boston 2017
        STS Infrastructures
        Visual and Sensory Approaches
        Design and Planning

    Denver 2015
        STS Infrastructures
        Visual and Sensory Approaches
        Design and Planning

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Giving birth as a struggle between bodily needs and medical practice

Crafting Medicine: A Sensory Exploration of Three Medical Schools

Embroidering the Times of Listening: Testimonial Digital Textiles for Reconciliation in Colombia

Exploring Ethical Decision Making in Video Games

Robocops, flowers and stones: technologies and arts of repression, resistance and protest