A cordial invitation to the Table of ElementsCourtney Addison;
Courtney Addison, Victoria University of Wellington;
Timothy Neale, Deakin University;
Thao Phan, Deakin University

For 150 years the famous Periodic Table of Chemical Elements has exerted its ontological ordering on the matter of the world and on popular thought. Today, concepts such as the Anthropocene question how we understand the effects, interrelations, and our own responsibilities to the chemical chaos that surrounds us. Can rethinking the elemental better illuminate our present troubles?

A Trial of Communication Platform for Co-Creation of Social Agendas Concerning Emerging Science and Technology
Mikihito Tanaka, Waseda University;
Noel Kikuchi, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies;
Daisuke Yoshinaga, Waseda University;
Ken Kawamura, Seijo University;
Go Yoshizawa, Oslo Metropolitan University;
Ryuma Shineha, Seijo Univerisity

In Japan, after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, one of the problems was the silence of the experts. Other scientists were discussing on a public bulletin board system (BBS), but the anonymous environment exacerbated the crisis of credibility of experts in Japan. We propose a newly designed BBS to provide a public arena for scientific arguments. After log-in to the BBS, experts could comment on various types of topics anonymously. System warrants that every contributor in the discussion on BBS is some kinds of expert, and the debate is transparent to the public.

Nonlinear Jen
Jennifer J Henderson

In STS, the call is to improve the effectiveness and influence of [...] scholarship beyond the field and/or to expand the modes of [scholarly] knowledge production (4S 2016). I do both in various ways: I volunteer in meteorology and forecasting organizations, for example, as a Council Member with the American Meteorological Society (AMS); I am a research scientist with interdisciplinary collectives like the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences; and I mentor and teach meteorology students. But exactly how does my STS scholarship travel, how do I retain my STS self, and how can I continue to work in such liminal spaces?

On Boundary Work and Professional Audition: Reconciling Production Values in Multivalent Recording Spaces
Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo, Cornell University

My project integrates live musical performance with a presentation of my dissertation research regarding the politics of community studios- a term I use for recording studios that exist to provide underserved communities and new recording artists with access to free and low cost professional music recording services.

STS in Real Real Time
Aftab Mirzaei, York University STS
Lee Nellson, RPI

In the spirit of embracing experimental praxis, this Making & Doing session invites participants to create what they think could be a syllabus or reading list for an introductory course in a current matter of care and concern in the realm of STS, by drawing on the 2019 4S conference program itself.