‘zines as method
Sam Smiley, AstroDime Transit Authority

This session of making and doing will focus on the use of 'zines (hand made and short run publications) as method in qualitative research.

Connecting-Probing-Reflecting Spaces
Peter J. Taylor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

New England Workshops on Science & Social Change have the aim of fostering collaboration among those who teach, study, and engage with the public about scientific developments and social change,

Crafting Digital Stories
Annie Warren, Arizona State University;
Rider Foley, University of Virginia
Jen Richter, Arizona State University
Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University
Omaya Ahmad, Arizona State University
John Harlow, Arizona State University

This session aims to be instructive on the process-driven components to create digital stories.

How’s My Feedback?
Malte Ziewitz, Cornell University;
Steve Woolgar, Linköping University
Chris Sugden, University of Oxford

How’s My Feedback? was a collaborative design experiment to rethink and evaluate web-based review, rating, and ranking schemes.

Making Machines that Make
Nadya Peek, MIT

I am developing a modular system for making machines that make-- including design patterns, user interfaces, motion control, mechanical systems, and end effectors.

Matters of Care in Crowdsourcing
Lilly Irani, UC San Diego;
M. Six Silberman, IG Metall
Niloufar Salehi, Stanford University
Michael Bernstein, Stanford University

We have designed two systems that enable Amazon Mechanical Turk workers to engage in collective action online. Our work with these systems raises questions about the labor, maintenance, repair, and politics of making and doing.

Mobile Wilderness Making
Andrew Quitmeyer, Georgia Institute of Technology;
Michael Nitsche, Georgia Institute of Technology
Hannah Perner-Wilson, Plusea.at

This exhibition presents the concepts of Hiking Hacks and Wearable Studio Practice as models for critically analyzing and understanding scientific processes.

Off The Grid
Jamie Cross, University of Edinburgh;
Alice Street, University of Edinburgh
Jennifer Littlejohn, independent artist

This exhibit presents a portfolio of graphic art pieces, installations, story maps and technological designs that explore off grid energy infrastructures as relational: with the social built into the material and the material a complex of historic interactions and exchanges.

rePlay: De-commodifying Music
Guido Hermans, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University

This project explores a design space between music as a skillful activity and music as a commodity.

Situated Intervention
Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, Dept. of Thematic Studies – Technology and Social Change (TEMA T)

Situated Intervention is an experimental research approach aimed at the production of novel STS knowledge and new normativities through the direct involvement of STS scholars in the practices they study.