Alan Richardson, University of British Columbia;
Raquel Baldwinson, University of British Columbia
Sharon Doucet, University of British Columbia
Nicholas Fitz, University of British Columbia
Jordan Howell, University of British Columbia
Adrian Lou, University of British Columbia
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, University of British Columbia
Shoshana Deutsh, Cornell University

Posted: September 7, 2015

Much canonical STS work explores the conditions and contours of knowledge production, arguing that knowledge-making networks have many agencies: knowledge is produced in a way that reflects an entanglement of stakeholders, that serves political ends, that responds to practical constraints, that (re)produces epistemological hierarchies, that motivates action or that enables the status quo. Within this framework of identifying, understanding, and ameliorating issues within knowledge-making networks, each member of our team chose a site of knowledge-production about science in the Vancouver area and investigated its knowledge-making networks. On our project website, our team members each construct a critical digital exhibit, in which they display their identifications, connections, understandings, critiques and revisions in a way that addresses issues within each site of knowledge-production.  This project began as a course in UBC’s graduate program in STS and was made possible by the UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning and our community partners.