Laura Watts, IT University of Copenhagen;
Brit Ross Winthereik, IT University of Copenhagen

Posted: September 7, 2015

Experience the energy landscape around the Danish Wave Energy Center, on the northwest edge of Denmark. Drawing on 3 ethnographic fieldsites in the ‘Alien Energy’ research project, this walk materialises invisible infrastructures of renewable energy: wave energy in the sea, geothermal energy in the earth.

Walk with me, invites the poetic voice in your ears. S/he (either English or Danish) speaks from headphones and a handcrafted audio player, integrated into a walking stick carved from local wood. The walking stick in your hand seems to walk alongside you. Its voice, timed to your footsteps, augments your gaze with the partial perspective of STS.

The Energy Walk is an ethnographic installation in the landscape. It draws on our research with people and places at the edge–both geographic and technological–to create a poetic imaginary in which energy futures are being made. We invite you to walk along our energy edge.