Merete Lie, Norwegian University of Science & Technology;
Anwar Saab, 1001films
Manuela Perrotta, Queen Mary, University of London
Anja Johansen, Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Denver 2015: Visual and Sensory Approaches

The background of this film project is cultural research on the rapid progress of medical imaging technologies on the micro/cellular level. Medical imaging takes place at an interface of traditions of scientific truth seeking and aesthetics of visualization, both transformed by new technologies and the aesthetics of contemporary digital design. This is linked to new understandings of human bodies on the medical as well as the cultural level and the challenge of this project has been to disseminate this new knowledge to the public. The film is a documentary that explores the cultural premises of medical imaging with a focus on visual styles, scientific styles, and cultural metaphors of human biology. Scientists, artists and museum curators comment on a wide collection of cell and body images that are displayed in the film.