Andrew Lakoff, University of Southern California;
Christopher Kelty, UCLA
Stephen J. Collier, The New School

Denver 2015: STS Infrastructures

Limn is an experimental scholarly magazine devoted to illuminating contemporary problems. It draws its material from a network of experts in the social and human sciences. It is timely, diverse in perspective, authoritative, well written and beautifully designed.  The focus is on understanding contemporary problems of our globally interconnected, technologically intense culture: problems of infrastructure, ecology, economic interdependence, and relentless technological invention.  A core goal of Limn is to provide genealogical framings of contemporary issues—framings that outdo the often polarized, stale or static narratives offered in the media or public discussion.  Contributors are chosen because they can provide authoritative and unexpected insight into a problem—and do so more quickly and more accessibly than is possible through the current system of academic publishing.