Bales of Amber
Jennifer Bourke, Tactical Humanities Lab at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Welcome to the end of the world. In this Kafka-esque dystopia, the government has gathered all remaining animals in order to form the Animal Factorization Initiative. Now you live in an apartment inside a whale. This project is a commentary on how humans interact with their environment and the other living beings within it. Inspired by works like The Companion Species Manifesto by Donna Haraway and The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Tsing.

Helium Futures
Katherine Ball, Arizona State University;
Kirk Jalbert, Arizona State University

Helium Futures is an engagement and education game centered around a fictional community facing helium extraction. The game was co-developed with No Fracking Arizona, a concerned citizen group, with an innovative approach to applied, engaged STS. The project focuses on public participation in science and their interactions with policy-making systems. It expands on STS work on resource extraction and in building capacity in partnership with communities through participatory design and game studies.

Linocut Practice and Politics
Natasha Vally, University of Cape Town

Relief printing is used as a creative way to make and reproduce artwork and posters. In the South African anti-apartheid struggle, the process played a significant role in making and disseminating political materials in the absence of expensive printing machinery and tools.

Making Core Memory: Crafting Legacies of Women in Innovation
Samantha Shorey, University of Texas Austin;
Daniela K. Rosner, University of Washington

During this Making & Doing session, each participant will be given a core memory kit that contains yarn and beads—symbolic of the wires and ferrite cores used in actual core memory production. Participants will follow step-by-step instructions to encode a word into 8-bit binary code. These engagements entangle computing, craft work, and the stories of women in histories of technology innovation.

Research Poetics Field School, or, How To Subvert Your Observations Every Day
July Hazard, UW Seattle;
Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, UW Seattle

This Making and Doing exhibit highlights July Hazard and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine‘s field poetics practices and pedagogy. We will showcase ephemera and our and our students‘ shoreline relational poetics, in forms ranging from hypotheses for ecological studies, to poems, to quilts reflecting on histories of conquest and ongoing Indigenous life resurgence, to theory on queer and trans embodiment in more-than-human dimensions. Exhibit visitors will use shoreline-gathered ocular and aural apparatus to compose a polyvocal Aqua-festo.

Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit
Ida Toft, Concordia University

Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit is a game for strategic interventions into the ebbs and flows of surveillance and profiling using personal devices and social media. Taking action beyond the extreme positions of comfortable lethargy or paranoid paralysis Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit can be a critical and collaborative investigation of surveillance algorithms. Play Sport! The Algorithmic Circuit on your apps and phones!