Post-Human Flâneurs of Atlanta: Mapping North Avenue Smart Corridor

Hayri Dortdivanlioglu, Georgia Institute of Technology

New Orleans 2019: Mapping / monitoring

'Post-human Flaneurs' project deals with one of the main topics of STS: the interaction between human and technology. Using a new generation of surveillance technology, the North Avenue Smart Corridor project produces data by recording every human activity taking place on the avenue. This raises the question of how the data reported by the post-human flaneurs is transformed into actionable information, based on what values, and what types of action are waiting to be answered and debated through the lens of feminist standpoint. Rather than seeking the answers to these questions, this study aims at asking questions and drawing the attention to the asymmetrical relationship between people and post-human flaneurs. It reconsiders how people interact with developing surveillance technologies through mapping visible and invisible information layers. The information derived from sensors is converted into graphics and presented through infograms, diagrams, and maps in various physical layers.