Ancient Passages: Echos of Prague 2121
Shomit Barua, Synthesis Center @Arizona State University

A multi-narrative, non-linear sound installation: 30 miniature guitar amps on tripods are placed in thematic clusters around the periphery of a space, in niches, corners, and the ends of hallways. They are unobtrusive, registering more as a layer of whispers, and they form a sonic tapestry that serves as an oral history of the future. The voices in each cluster are digital artifact, first-person monologues from specific points in the 100 years leading up to a speculative future of Prague 2121; as the monologues play in a continuous, asynchronous loops, different perspectives of the events are emphasized.

Data session on policy and business Pitching
Ilkka Arminen, University of Helsinki

In the data session we will analyze, discuss and explore the organization of pitches available publicly in youtube. The data session will be realized online (e.g. in Zoom or Teams) and materials to be discussed will be shared in the session. The recorded pitches will be used as a material to discuss the process in which the idea of pitch is translated to the citizen audience and the innovation reconfigured through its alignment with the recipients. The organizer provides glimpses on the details of talk-in-interaction of the pitches and invites participants to share their views and also sharpen their analysis of the pitching as a practice. The discussion aims at specifying on how persuasive communitation of the policy or business idea is achieved. Not less importantly the goal is to reach an understanding of what are the key aspects influencing on the success of the pitch.

Giving birth as a struggle between bodily needs and medical practice
Lenka Formánková – Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Eva Hejzlarová – Faculty of Social Scicence, Charles University

This Making and Doing project confronts the audience with the Czech debate on birth-giving combining the materials of the medical experts with the audio version of narratives we have collected through biographical-narrative interviews with women giving birth at home and in the hospital.

Poking Holes in Borders with Tiny Machines
Evan Light, Glendon College, York University

This Making and Doing session presents two RaspberryPi-based projects being used for research on mass surveillance and border spaces. The Snowden Archive-in-a-Box (SAIB) is an offline wireless network and web server providing access to a replica of the Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive. Anybody in the vicinity can access the archive by connecting their wireless device to the Snowden Archive WiFi network and browsing to a website.

Robocops, flowers and stones: technologies and arts of repression, resistance and protest
Henry Chavez, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador; Denis Ismael Chavez Ordoñez, PUCE; José Egas, EHESS

After half a century from the Prague Spring and the French may 68, last year witnessed the rise of a new wave of global protest against the establishment. Gilets jaunes in France, pro-democracy youngsters in Hong Kong, indigenous people in Ecuador, impoverished urban population in Chile and many others social movements around the world triggered a global political shake whose consequences are still unknown. Even if their context, causes and objectives may differ from one movement to another, a common factor in all of them was the brutal and disproportioned repression applied by police or other armed forces against civilians.

Sustainability Futures of Innovation using TRIZ ’9-windows‘ tool
Vairaj Arjune, Centre for Studies in Science Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Krishna Tripathi, Centre for Studies in Science policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

As enthusiast TRIZ users, we propose an interactive activity-based project using a 3 x 3 matrix diagram with pre-formulated sample questions on the sustainability of emerging innovations. The activity is a mix of paper-based tables, computer-aided diagrams and puzzle configuration. With technology and innovation becoming an inherent component of modern societies, inculcation of the issue of sustainability in new emerging innovation is eminently crucial which in turn poses the questions: what is the meaning of sustainability in the innovation process? And what is sustainable innovation?