Detecting and Communicating Responsible Innovation Practices

Robin Ann Downey, Bilkent University; Lutz Peschke, Bilkent University

virPrague 20: Experiments in Collaboration and Critical Participation

This making and doing activity will focus on collecting and sharing demonstrations of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). This experiment is based on a short video project, which was designed to communicate RRI approaches to commercial stakeholders. The experimental video was an opportunity to consider relevant ways to apply RRI methods, assess the implications for knowledge making and imagine future responsible innovation communication tools. Rather than creating a video with a single voice, we interviewed innovators and distilled comments that fit with the RRI storyline. The process also functioned as an opportunity to uncover existing practices, particularly in the commercial sector. We suggest that realities are enacted through this sort of experimental video (Downey and Zuiderent-Jerak, 2017). Through mining for RRI practices, we captured examples of how innovators anticipate social and ethical values during the innovation process. For example, we found that innovators actively consider users and other stakeholders in technical decisions and have privacy-by-design plans in place. The scientists from the startup companies that we included in the video became RRI interlocutors in the process. In this context, innovators can also reflect on and possibly transform their RRI practices.

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