Ilkka Arminen, University of Helsinki

virPrague 20: Experiments in Collaboration and Critical Participation

In the data session we will analyze, discuss and explore the organization of pitches available publicly in youtube. The data session will be realized online (e.g. in Zoom or Teams) and materials to be discussed will be shared in the session. The recorded pitches will be used as a material to discuss the process in which the idea of pitch is translated to the citizen audience and the innovation reconfigured through its alignment with the recipients. The organizer provides glimpses on the details of talk-in-interaction of the pitches and invites participants to share their views and also sharpen their analysis of the pitching as a practice. The discussion aims at specifying on how persuasive communitation of the policy or business idea is achieved. Not less importantly the goal is to reach an understanding of what are the key aspects influencing on the success of the pitch.