Loren Britton, University of Kassel; Helen Pritchard, Goldsmiths University of London

virPrague 20: Disasters, Breakdowns, Precarity, Slow Violence

Have you ever tried to question your disciplinary field, institution, practice or methodology and failed? Are you frustrated with the apparatus holding in place the practices of knowing? Do you wonder why its so hard to practice change? This workshop is for you. 

Maintaining indeterminacy is a practice of not knowing, opening up ways of knowing, and sharing practices that attempt to undo things as they are, because colonial institutions of all sorts serve themselves. Undoing, unmaking and unlearning in practice is difficult because the mechanisms of control continuously act upon even those who try to intervene in the practices that produce very clear categorical knowledge. Building a shared discussion around the limitations of our practices, the failures, the labour and the work it takes to maintain radical undoing, unmaking and unthinking is why we're here & we hope you'll come and join us.

This online workshop looks at: the labour of witnessing (Haraway), the freedom of Scandal and Chance (Moten), matter forming, radical engagements (da Silva) cohabitations, cusps of a sharing (Yusoff), cutting together/apart (Barad) and figuring (Suchman) that is needed to be able to unthink and unmake within art practice, STS and trans* feminist technoscience. Rather than positioning art practice as a process that can make translations or mediations of technoscience, in this workshop we propose to work together to consider how art practices might emerge as unmaking practices that might undo categories and institutions and make collective conditions for indeterminacy. Remember! Institutions are processes, and we make them every day by playing into their structures!

Dear All, we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 19th of August from 15:00 – 16:40 CET at: https://bbb.constantvzw.org/b/hel-uz4-fu4 — please feel free to email us at: l.britton@uni-kassel.de and/or h.pritchard@gold.ac.uk with any questions or problems. For more information please visit our ‘digital object’ which is the site: https://pad.constantvzw.org/p/chanceandscandal.