It’s A Comic Life For Me: The Use Of Comics And Storytelling In The Teaching Of Risk And Resilience

Denis Fischbacher-Smith, University of Glasgow

virPrague 20: Climate Change, Anthropocene, Geosciences

This Making and Doing session will focus on the use of comics as a medium for teaching and learning. The approach merges academic research of relevance to STS (disaster response, expert judgement in policy making, citizen science, and securitisation) with an approach drawn from ‘comics theory’ within media studies to highlight how such an approach can aid in the dissemination of academic ideas by translating them into a more accessible and digestible format. The approach is based on extensive use and testing with both undergraduate, post-graduate and executive education students and the project outlines the main methods associated with the approach. A comic will be presented that deals specifically with the issues around the construction of comics but links will be provided to other bespoke comics developed within the project that relate to issues of resilience and elements of state security (radicalisation and insider threats).