Maximilian Reiner, Technische Universität München; Maximilian Braun, Technische Universität München; Matthias Gabriel, Technische Universität München; Clara Valdés-Stauber, Technische Universität München; Xinghan Liu, Technische Universität München; Sarah Eidam, Technische Universität München

virPrague 20: Big Data, Information Sciences, Technosphere

As a group of STS students we have created a video game based on the emerging theme of sex robots. Our motivation is that games offer virtual and interactive spaces where moral awareness can be raised through the storytelling and the players’ decision making. This makes a game an appropriate place to embed ethical and sociological perspectives. Adopting robotics for sexual interaction as a case study builds on an emerging social controversy that skirts the notion of sexuality: e.g. the human and non-human boundary, dehumanization and legalization. Employing the method of research-creation, this project proposes responsible storytelling through video games as an STS practice.

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Making and Doing

    Toronto 2021
        Inventive AI
        Storytelling as Relations

    Virtual Prague 2020
        Disasters, Breakdowns, Precarity, 
        Slow Violence

        Experiments in Collaboration and 
        Critical Participation

        Medicine, Health, Disability Studies
        Climate Change, Anthropocene, 

        Multispecies Assemblages, Life 
        Sciences, Queer Ecologies

        Politics, Governmentality, Participation 
        and Protest

        Big Data, Information Sciences, 

        Worlds Otherwise
        Religion, Spirits, Animism Speculative 
        Apparatuses, Sensing Practices

    New Orleans 2019
        Living with
        Playing / Crafting
        Experiencing / Listening
        Mapping / Monitoring

    Sydney 2018
        Situated Knowledges
        Infrastructure and co-design
        Knowing and governing
        Issues, people and publics
        Performance and effect
        Methods and practices

    Boston 2017
        STS Infrastructures
        Visual and Sensory Approaches
        Design and Planning

    Denver 2015
        STS Infrastructures
        Visual and Sensory Approaches
        Design and Planning

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