Crafting Medicine: A Sensory Exploration of Three Medical Schools
Rachel Vaden Allison, Anna Harris, John Nott, and Andrea Wojcik
Maastricht University

This Making and Doing project plays with the notion of ‘simulation’ and ‘comparison’, by offering a sensorially-immersive (online) installation that attends to the affective atmospheres, materials, and multisensory and embodied knowledge entailed in the fieldsites and practices of our research. We are three ethnographers and one historian on the European Research Council funded project ‘Making Clinical Sense’, which investigates the materiality of medical education in Ghana, Hungary, and the Netherlands. In all three sites, the simulation of patient bodies was used, in part, to help students’ bodies become more knowledgeable.

The Sounds of Solar Energy
Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer, Charles University In Prague

While photovoltaic arrays have become a familiar sight, they have not become a technology of conviviality (Illich 1973), creating a creative, joyful, just and responsible becoming-together of ‘people, tools and a new collectivity’. This performative piece presents audio vignettes that gather the sound recordings of large Czech solar fields, PV recycling and poetic recitations to touch and involve listeners with silicon materials, their amplification of electricity, potentials for abundance and dis/articulations and in/sensibilities.