Elaine Gan, New York University

New Orleans 2019: Living with

Multispecies Worldbuilding Lab is creating a new podcast about climate change that engages with interdisciplinary perspectives of more-than-human worlds through interviews and field recordings. Listen to scientists, artists, writers, and activists speak about working with organisms (e.g., microbes, primates, plants) and ecologies (e.g., toxic sites, cities, waterways) that are, on the one hand, rapidly being transformed by industrialization and neoliberal extraction, and on the other, relentlessly adapting to novel conditions.

Each episode features one researcher and a soundscape of their practice to illuminate what we call multispecies worldbuilding—collaborative ways in which humans, species, and machines might inhabit a damaged planet more care-fully and less violently. Each episode combines scholarship, pedagogy, and experimental sound, playing with various modes of multispecies worldbuilding.

Official launch is September 2019.