(Super-)humans in the loop? A making-and-doing activity about Privacy, Protection, Personal capacities, and Preferences.

Ann Rudinow Saetnan (Norwegian University of Science and Technology);
Rocco Bellanova (University of Amsterdam)

New Orleans 2019: Mapping / monitoring

Human-in-the-loop is an organizational model where human interaction is required in an otherwise automated or automatable process, with the assumption that said human(s) – through learning, special skills, and exercise of discretion – can affect changes on work processes and their outcomes, not least as these affect other humans. In this instance, those humans have a particular ability: They are better able to recognize faces than most of us are. The London Metropolitan Police have organized units staffed with such super-recognisers to help in identifying suspects caught on camera.  Could you be a super-recognizer? A number of tests partly available online can give you an initial answer. At our making and doing booth, you can take such a test. You can also share your thoughts about facial recognition, be it by algorithm and/or through the use of super-recognizers.