Aftab Mirzaei, York University STS
Lee Nellson, RPI

New Orleans 2019: Conversing

Past 4S meeting programs attest to the fact that every year, scholars–both junior and senior– strive to (re)orient their attention and sensibilities towards a social justice based academic practice. In its development and transformation, the eclectic discipline that is STS has been able to orient its modes of inquiry to imminent issues unfolding at the intersection of epistemic and political projects, STEM, policy and governance.

But is it possible to go beyond reorientation and responding? Can we anticipate the concerns only just now beginning to be felt in STS?

In the spirit of embracing experimental praxis, this Making & Doing session invites participants to create what they think could be a syllabus or reading list for an introductory course in a current matter of care and concern in the realm of STS, by drawing on the 2019 4S conference program itself.