Making and Doing with Microbes: A Fermentation Laboratory

Matthäus Rest, MPI for the Science of Human History;
Salla Sariola; University of Helsinki

New Orleans 2019: Living with

Fermentation is a practice in which microbes, humans, animals, and plants meet. Today, many of the multi-species collectives that have been fermenting together, often in an unbroken chain for thousands of years, are under threat. A key reason for this is industrialization and standardization of agriculture and food processing. Our laboratory will explore fermentation with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. We will make cheese, sour milk and bread and show participants to prepare their own probiotic dairy products through back-slopping. Most importantly, we will address the question of how to continue to live with these companion species that have sustained humans for millennia.

The workshop will take place at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum on Saturday, September 7 at 1 p.m. See link for address and map.

Workshop participants will be required to purchase a museum ticket ($10.50). A limited amount of tickets will be provided by 4S. In order to sign up for free entry, please approach the organizers during the Making & Doing exhibition on Thursday where you can also watch them prepare the starter cultures for the Saturday workshop.