Lindsay Poirier, RPI;
Dominic DiFranzo, RPI
Luis Felipe Murillo, UCLA
Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn, RPI
Alli Morgan, RPI
Alison Kenner, Drexel
Sharon Traweek, UCLA
Pedro de la Torre, RPI
Kim Fortun, RPI
Mike Fortun, RPI

Denver 2015: STS Infrastructures

The Platform for Experimental, Collaborative Ethnography (PECE) is an open source (Drupal-based) digital platform designed to support distributed, collaborative work with of diverse types of research data.  While designed to support diverse experimental ethnography projects, it provides a general model for the digital humanities, and particularly for what we have termed the empirical digital humanities (including work in history, anthropology, and other fields that collect and analyze primary data, using hermeneutic techniques).  PECE has been designed around a series of design logics – a set of directives, guided by the theoretical commitments of our scholarly community, which serve as the foundation for the architecture and arrangement of components in the system.  In the Making and Doing STS program, we will present the history and implementation of PECE and demonstrate how STS theory can inform the development of digital infrastructure to support new lines of research for STS and related fields.