Carolina Morales-Nasser, Monterrey Institute of Technology

Posted: September 7, 2015

Departing from the conviction that learning involves rational competencies, as well as emotional and esthetic ones; a question emerged: How to provoke other related competencies such as sensibility, emotion, and taking of a position, in order to really accomplish STS objectives? Action research was the supporting method. In eight semester courses, students were given specific instructions in order to accomplish an artistic product by which they could represent any of the topics of their STS course.

General assessment criteria were: product should be their own authorship and it must show pertinence with the course content. Evidence shows that quality and pertinence of the artistic product were accomplished in clear relationship to level of course contents assimilation and taking of stand related to the course contents. It is pointed out the way this exercise has repercussion on course objectives, among which it is pursued to develop complex thinking and citizenship responsibility.