Annie Warren, Arizona State University;
Rider Foley, University of Virginia
Jen Richter, Arizona State University
Leanna Archambault, Arizona State University
Omaya Ahmad, Arizona State University
John Harlow, Arizona State University

Denver 2015: Design and Planning

Science, technology, and society studies (STS) explore and unpack complex sociotechnical assemblages in order to better illuminate our world. A complementary goal for the field of STS is to share its particular ways of thinking about and acting in the world with other disciplines and non-specialists alike. One compelling way to meet this goal is through digital storytelling, which makes valuable use of short videos to present concepts about and ideas related to STS in an engaging fashion. Pursuing new mediums for sharing STS theories and case studies is a valuable undertaking for crafting a more inclusive, social form of STS. In the age of online and hybrid classes, we discuss the practice, design, and processes that contributed to creating impactful digital stories for two new required courses at Arizona State University. This session aims to be instructive on the process-driven components to create digital stories.