Steve Hamilton, School of Visual Arts NYC Products of Design

Denver 2015: Visual and Sensory Approaches

The Anarchy of the Imagination was developed by Steve Hamilton as part of an MFA thesis at SVA’s, Products of Design Program. It explores the psycho/emotive landscape posited by Hans Monderman’s shared space proposal for designing urban intersections that lack markings and signals.

28 participants were guided through the exercise by award-winning choreographer Jodi Melnick accompanied with live music performed by experimental Danish electronic jazz band Hess is More.

Midway through the experience participants were fitted with automotive avatars, designed and built by Hamilton in various sizes ranging from 2 by 3 feet to 5 by 8 feet, suspended by shoulder harnesses. The goal was to focus awareness on the space we occupy and question assumptions about our right to occupy public space and how we behave towards others while navigating through it as well as how the physical structures surrounding our bodies influence our behaviors.