Martín Pérez Comisso, Universidad de Chile;
Cyntia Maciel, Universidad de Chile
Raimundo Roberts, Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

Denver 2015: Pedagogy

(In the last session with senators and congressmen in BCN (Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional – National Congress Library))

The policy-making in science and technology is a critical point in Chile. The absence of relevant projects in Chilean Congress in the last 20 years is a public policy problem. In this presentation, we develop a learning experience to empower several discipline undergrad students with law creation techniques, knowledge about science & technology in contemporary controversies and policy-analysis in the frontier of STS to elaborate innovative and transdisciplinary proposals in scientific law for Chile. This project has been delivered to congressmen in S&T commission in current period to discussion. The creation by citizen of some laws is a new practice for Chile, experimented in this civilian-academic format.