Science and technology infuse the world in which we live, from the nature of healthcare and environmental policy to labor-management relationships in workplaces and the organization of political campaigns and political candidates‘ platforms. The centrality of science and technology in social life means there is a vital space for scholars of science, technology, and society to intervene in meaningful ways in discussions of the most crucial issues of the day. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society is intended as a vibrant, double-blind peer-reviewed venue for these conversations.

Toward this end, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society will be a site of experimentation with new forms of writing and publication. We will be a big tent that creates opportunities for those who formally identify with science and technology studies to publish alongside scholars from a range of other fields whose work speaks to the relationship between science/ technology and society/ culture. Finally, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society will seek to be relevant and accessible to a wide array of audiences from STS scholars and undergraduate students to science and technology practitioners, policymakers and activists.

Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, the open access journal of The Society for Social Studies of Science, aims to be a venue for realizing these openness objectives. Toward this end, we are interested in publishing informed and rigorous work that takes risks, insightfully challenges established conceptual orientations and methods, and speaks boldly. We are committed to thorough and constructive double-blind peer review and consequent revision that will lead to the highest quality articles, and we will endeavor to produce work that is clear and engaging reading for multiple audiences.

Caring for Scholarship in Transition

Published On: Apr 15 2024

Ali Kenner, Clément Dréano , Noela Invernizzi , Duygu Kaşdoğan , Aalok Khandekar , Angela Okune , Grant Jun Otsuki , Sujatha Raman , Tim Schütz , Federico Vasen, Amanda Windle , Emily York

This editorial briefly reflects on the idea of transition—a theme that cuts across energy systems, migration, and education, to name a few—and is likely familiar to many readers. In this issue, we focus on transition within...

Collaborative Ethnography and Matters of Care in Counterspaces

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Coleen Carrigan, Joyce Yen, Cara Margherio, Christine Grant, Claire Horner-Devine, Eve Riskin, Julie Ivy, Burren Peil

This paper offers a reflexive analysis of an interdisciplinary and cross-race collaboration to advance equity in engineering called LATTICE (Launching Academics on the Tenure-Track: an Intentional Community in Engineering). We...

Algorithms in the Margins: Organized Community Resistance to Port Automation in the Los Angeles Harbor Area

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Taylor M Cruz, Jaewoo Park, Emily Moore, Austin Chen, Andrea Gordillo

Public deliberations on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) provoke strong interest in automation, or the perceived displacement of human labor due to general technological advances. Social science scholarship...

Maintenance and Its Knowledges: Functional Exploration, Biographical Supervision, and Behavioural Examination

Published On: Apr 22 2024

Jérôme Denis, Daniel Florentin, David Pontille

This introductory article to the thematic collection entitled “Maintenance and its Knowledges” makes a significant departure from breakdown-centred studies. It foregrounds the epistemic virtues of maintenance, a practice that...