What does a Critical Data Studies look like, in 2023?* A Workshop Report

Sep 11 2023

In this post, Catriona Gray reports back from a workshop on data materialities and infrastructures at the University of Cambridge and reflects on the field of Critical Data Studies today.

Our “Hidden Gills”: A Report on the 2023 Animal Studies Summer Institute

Sep 4 2023

Backchannels Assistant Editor Richard Fadok ferrets out thematic convergences between STS and animal studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Animal Studies Summer Institute.

UNESCO platform regulation guidelines: the troubled waters of a global model for Internet governance

Aug 7 2023

Among the globally upscaling interests on how to regulate the digital space, so too did the UNESCO join the cohort and drafted its global guidelines for regulating digital platforms. Looking into concerns expressed by the Global South towards these guidelines, what do these guidelines tell us about a colonial reminiscence present in contemporary global enterprises?

Frugal Digital Technology for Healthcare Delivery: A Workshop Report

Jun 19 2023

In this post, Priya Singh reports on a workshop organized in New Delhi (India) to propagate the philosophy of frugality and frugal innovations and to develop a roadmap for frugal studies with inputs from diverse academic disciplines such as science, technology and law.

Five reflections on co-organising Space Science in Context 2023

Apr 24 2023

In this post, Eleanor S. Armstrong and Divya M. Persaud reflect on jointly organising the second Space Science in Context (SSiC) virtual conference, particularly how accessibility and community-building are equally important as research discussion and dissemination.

A current question: What is STS? A Report on the 2022 STS Turkey Conference

Feb 27 2023

In this bilingual report, Ayşe Ayda Gerçek and Ilgın İrem Gündüz provide a thematic overview of the debates and highlights of the most recent STS Turkey conference.

How can science and technology converse with democracy? A workshop report

Feb 6 2023

Shashank Deora and Gaurav Kapse reflect on a Science, Technology and Democracy workshop in Delhi, highlighting some of the themes of discussions, key insights and broader questions emerging from the workshop for them.

In Memoriam – Día de Muertos

Jan 23 2023

Sandra P González-Santos, Alex Liebman and Teresa Nuñez Fortul reflect on what went into and what came out of the 'In Memoriam' project at 4S 2022, an occasion to remember and celebrate our academic ancestors, those who have been fundamental to our STS community and to our personal stories as academics.

Is Decolonization a Useful Term for Science Studies in South Asia? A Report on the 2022 STM Symposium

Nov 28 2022

In this report, the organizers summarize the major themes discussed during the Science, Technology & Medicine (STM) symposium at the Annual Conference on South Asia at Madison, Wisconsin, and reflect on the experience of joining an amazing cohort of nearly fifty discussants, half based in North America and half in South Asia.

Dispatches from AusSTS Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Oct 31 2022

This set of letters from the Wellington node of Australasian STS convey the impressions, sensitivities, and provocations carried from the most recent set of events held separately but synchronously across four cities.

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