Recapping AusSTS 2023 (Sydney) - Conversations in, and with, Place

Feb 12 2024

The Australasian Science and Technology Studies (AusSTS) Network held its inaugural conference, "What Is an Australasian STS Contribution?", at the University of New South Wales in Sydney on July 17 and 18, 2023. In this post, Carina Truyts, Jianni Tien, Dan Santos, and Ella Butler report back on the conference and examine the meaning of place-based STS.

Launching the STS of Spaceports

Jan 8 2024

Dr. Richard Tutton et al reflect upon the Spaceports: Places, Promises, Politics symposium at the University of York (UK) that brought together scholars, researchers and representatives from two UK-based spaceports to explore the social, (geo)political and environmental ramifications of spaceport development.

Pathways of STS In India: A Workshop Report

Jan 17 2024

The Science and Technology Studies India Network (STS-IN) held its inaugural workshop titled “Pathways of STS: Where We Come From and Where We (Can) Go” at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad on December 14 and 15, 2023. Graduate students, researchers, and faculty members working on themes related to STS from across the country attended the workshop.

“Decolonising the thinking and territorialising the disputes”: A Report from the X ESOCITE Brazil / "Descolonizando o pensamento e territorializando as disputas": Relatório do X ESOCITE Brasil

Dec 18 2023

In this post, Mariana Pitta Lima and Débora Allebrandt report back from the X Brazilian Symposium on Science, Technology and Society, the biannual meeting organised by the Brazilian Association for the Social Studies of Science and Technology.

Conversations on technoscientific reimagining of biology and its implications: A workshop report

Dec 4 2023

In this blog post, Gaurav Kapse and Shashank Deora reflect on a workshop about Regulating Biotech that happened in September 2023 in Mumbai and brought together scholars from India and Australia.

Celebrating TrevorFest: Taking Trevor’s Legacy Forward

Nov 13 2023

In this post, Amanda Domingues, Lissette Lorenz and Barkha Kagliwal take us to a weekend of reflection, recollection, and celebration of Trevor J. Pinch’s work, recounting his unique legacy in the field of STS.

"We embody the revolt": report of a Brazilian participatory art experience inspired by the works of Hélio Oiticica

Oct 16 2023

The power of embodied resistance is a major theme of this intriguing LARP initiative in Brazil, as reported by André Sarturi, Carolina Scartezini, Luiz Falcão & Rafa Novak

What does a Critical Data Studies look like, in 2023?* A Workshop Report

Sep 11 2023

In this post, Catriona Gray reports back from a workshop on data materialities and infrastructures at the University of Cambridge and reflects on the field of Critical Data Studies today.

Our “Hidden Gills”: A Report on the 2023 Animal Studies Summer Institute

Sep 4 2023

Backchannels Assistant Editor Richard Fadok ferrets out thematic convergences between STS and animal studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Animal Studies Summer Institute.

UNESCO platform regulation guidelines: the troubled waters of a global model for Internet governance

Aug 7 2023

Among the globally upscaling interests on how to regulate the digital space, so too did the UNESCO join the cohort and drafted its global guidelines for regulating digital platforms. Looking into concerns expressed by the Global South towards these guidelines, what do these guidelines tell us about a colonial reminiscence present in contemporary global enterprises?

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