From the UK to Brazil: digital health and the platformization of public health systems

Feb 19 2024

In this post, Raquel Rachid and Marcelo Fornazin discuss the process of digitizing public health systems based on a comparison between Brazil and the United Kingdom, focusing on the process of platformization of the State.

Scale, space, and subjecthood: Methods for understanding plantations as ecological form and enduring logic

Jan 31 2024

In this post, Sophie Chao summarises the key issues discussed at a three-part panel on “Plantations and epistemic imperialism” held at the 4S/ECOSITE conference in Cholula, Mexico, in December 2022, and published in revised form in January 2024 as a collection of essays in radical geography journal Antipode’s Intervention series.

STS and epidemiological scientific production using large databases in Brazil

Oct 30 2023

In this post, Mariana Pitta Lima and Bethânia Almeida aim to explore initial reflections from an STS perspective on the production of science in epidemiology and data for health research in Brazil. They suggest that STS can deepen critical reflection on the production of research involving the relationship between population data and health outcomes in specific studies that explore how "the social" enacts on health and disease.

Mary Foley Benson, 20th Century Scientific Illustration, and Women in STEM

Jul 10 2023

In this blog post, art historian Srđan Tunić shares his research process in investigating the artworks of scientific illustrator Mary Foley Benson.

ENDURE: Inequalities, Community Resilience and New Governance Modalities in a Post-Pandemic World

Jul 3 2023

Marina Fontolan briefly describes the objectives and ongoing activities of a transnational project (ENDURE) that examines the short- and long-term consequences of Covid-19 from a comparative perspective that draws upon historical, sociological, political science, media studies, and cultural research.

Some Reflections on Co-editing in Pandemic Times

May 22 2023

In this blog post, Vishal Nyayapathi reflects on the process of collaboratively preparing a text for publication in pandemic times. They invite further discussion around moments when the task of editing conflicts with a desire to refuse declaring what ought to be.

Designing Natural Things: How Images Make Meaning in History of Science

May 8 2023

The editors of Natural Things in Early Modern Worlds offer a window into the process of creating an edited volume that draws together historians and designers.

The Enantiodromia Yin-Yang Dual Time System

Mar 23 2023

Rey Tiquia describes the challenges for those trying to live according to local space, local time and local culture, while dominated by abstract, universalizing and modernistic temporal systems such as the Gregorian calendar. He offers a possibility of creating a local and situated interpretation of a time system that synchronizes the Traditional Chinese Calendar (TCC) with the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Leaky Pipes. State and Infrastructural Violence in the Colombian Frontier

Dec 12 2022

In this post, Felipe Fernández shows how the crumbling water infrastructure in Buenaventura, a Colombian port-city, fuels and reproduces mechanisms of marginalization and exclusion.

Labor Tech Research Network: A Community Dedicated to Scholarship and Activism

Dec 5 2022

Labor Tech Research Network (LTRN) is a community of people dedicated to analyzing issues of labor and technology from an anti-racist, feminist, and transnational perspective. This blog post provides a history of LTRN’s formation and outlines their critical research on labor and technology.

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