Lina Ingeborgrud;
Lina Ingeborgrud; Ivana Suboticki, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Vivian Anette Lagesen, NTNU; Jonas Hustad, Brillefilm

Sydney 2018: Infrastructure and co-design

For this session, we intend to show and discuss our short STS documentary (7.40 minutes) entitled ‘Lift me up! A story about Trampe the bicycle lift’. The goal of the film is to introduce STS concepts through an engaging case study. Trampe is a bicycle lift situated in the old-town in Trondheim, Norway. The lift was made in 1993 and until this day, it remains the only bicycle lift in the world. As such, it is a visible part of the local community and attracts interest from tourists and bicycle planners from abroad.

‘Lift me up!’ explores how Trampe is domesticated by users and non-users. Through this film, we aim to get publics, such as urban/transport planners, local politicians, bicycle enthusiasts, the local community, and STS students, engaged with key concepts in STS like domestication and interpretative flexibility, in a fun way.

We aim to use this session as an experiment and will ask audiences to watch the film and continue the analysis of the case presented. We are also interested in what the audience may learn from seeing a film by contrast to reading research articles. In this way, we want to explore a wider set of topics that emerge from the interaction. Our intention is to use this experiment to gain feedback on how the film can be used as a boundary objects for debates about technologies place in society.