Sensing Visual Vignettes

Mascha Gugganig, University of Ottawa; Sofie Kronberger, University of Vienna; Luca Lindner, University of Vienna, Department of Science and Technology Studies; Magnus Rust, University of Vienna, Department of Science and Technology Studies; Thomas Kuipers; Sebastian Bornschlegl, STS Department University of Vienna

Toronto 2021: Storytelling as Relations

Visual Vignettes is a multimodal format that encourages research, analysis and presentation of research as integral elements, by re-imagining the role of text and visuals. It combines the genre of the vignette – the succinct capturing of a telling moment – with the photo essay. Making a visual vignette demands a double attention: to process – both of research, and to the making of a visual vignette – and a thorough engagement with specific elements of a story. Such an approach becomes a particularly useful method to see, access and understand sensing technologies. More so, making visual vignettes about sensor practices is to think simultaneously about the capacities of the sensing researcher, the sensing they wish to portray, and the stories the format makes possible. As part of Making and Doing, this interactive session showcases a set of Visual Vignettes that graduate students developed as part of a (virtual) seminar on Sensing Technologies at the University of Vienna in fall 2020. Conference attendees are invited to engage with the students’ final products that evolved into a wide range of formats, from postcards to an audiovisual journey to a card game waiting to be played.

Published: 01/30/2023