26. On Scientific Objects: Coming-into-Being and Passing away

Su Hu, University of Science and Technology Beijing; Shixiang Jin, University of Science and Technology Beijing;

Decades of research established the STS topic on the assembled objects (i.e. Latour; Callon; Law) and the ontological turn of fluid objects (i.e. Mol). Scholars attend to practices, to the enactments of objects, replacing a stable world composed and structured by fixed things. Through empirical cases, the panel reviews the coming-into-being and passing away of scientific objects. It inquires: what is the new world after we disassembled things and structures? Different empirical studies offer a variety of new world-making activities. A promised outcome would be new politics of being, and of acting.

Contact: husoon2014@163.com, jinshixiang@ustb.edu.cn

Keywords: Studies about the History of Science, Method and Practice, Decolonial and Postcolonial STS, The Ontological Turn; Object

Published: 04/07/2023