73. Russia's War on Ukraine - Environments, Imperialism, Infrastructures

Asia Bazdyrieva, The Critical Media Lab FHNW; Niels ten Oever, The University of Amsterdam;

The Russian aggression against Ukraine and the violation of its people and territories have a long history. Situated between a number of colonial powers, Ukraine and its people were imaged and imagined as a component of material exchange, while the anti-imperial resistance is systematically ignored. In this panel, we question the material consequences of the war in Ukraine, the imperial forces at work, and the resistance against them. We want to explore different angles of the conflict through theoretical concepts and the analysis of the material conditions. For instance, the production of terror environments (Matviyenko), resourcification (Bazdyrieva, Richardson), erasure as a tool of imperialism (Tsymbalyuk), etc. We invite contributions that explore and expose the socio-material aspects of the war across topographies and topologies, such as sea (through gas pipelines, submarine cables, and bridges), sky (through satellites and drones), and land (electrical grids and trenches). The long-term slow and fast violence against the people and environment of Ukraine shapes an ecology that is not just endangering people or/and the ecology itself, but the ability to recognize subjectivity and agency at the "peripheries" of imperial powers. This panel aims to bring to the fore different kinds of spatial, environmental, and ideological reconfigurations that have led to the current moment. We aim to center Ukrainian scholars and their experiences, while also inviting other scholars to contribute.

Contact: azdireva.asia@gmail.com, mail@nielstenoever.net

Keywords: (In)Security and STS, Energy and Extraction, Infrastructure, Environment, imperialism, decolonial and postcolonial STS, resourcification, sociotechnical imaginaries, Ukraine, war, infrastructures, occupation, violence, Russia

Published: 04/07/2023