81. Matters of Justice in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Taylor Cruz, California State University, Fullerton; Christoph Hanssmann, University of California, Davis; Oliver Rollins, University of Washington;

This panel invites submissions on matters of justice in science, technology, and medicine. In the face of multiple societal crises, scientific programs find themselves confronted by growing demands for institutional transformation towards equity and justice. Yet the notion of "justice" is not necessarily self-evident, and its multidimensionality may obscure our understanding of how power and inequality operate within scientific and medical contexts. We seek papers that grapple with the multiple meanings of justice within science, technology, and medicine. We welcome a wide range of submissions, including but not limited to work on the following: -How do scientific and technical institutions conceptualize justice? How should a critical, justice-oriented STS relate to these conceptions? -How and when do scientific actors recognize problems of injustice, power, and inequality? -How is injustice rendered in/visible in science and technology, and with what consequences? Which forms of injustice remain illegible? -How does renewed work toward justice differ from established policies and programs, such as scientific ethics, public engagement, or diversity and inclusion? -How do matters of justice differ from STS focus on matters of concern, care, and repair? -How might we reimagine the role of STS in advancing justice within science and technology? We welcome scholarship on all scientific and technological domains, including but not limited to biomedicine and public health, neuro and brain sciences, and data science and artificial intelligence. We especially welcome submissions on hidden or neglected arenas of injustice, as well as contributions from early career scholars and historically marginalized voices within STS.

Contact: tacruz@fullerton.edu, chanssmann@ucdavis.edu, orollins@uw.edu

Keywords: Feminist STS, Medicine and Healthcare, Race/Black Studies and STS, social justice; power; inequality; transformation

Published: 04/07/2023