104. Solidarity for Survivable Futures

Rose Bigheart O'Leary, University of California, Irvine;

Thinking of the planet as a collection of resources open to plunder by those at the top of socio-economic and racial/nationalistic hierarchies, has led us to an era of extinction and destruction. Indigenous Peoples across the globe have warned of this eventuality for centuries. If we are to survive, or to preserve the more than human lives we haven't yet destroyed, we must shift this perspective and yet, Indigenous scholars often find ourselves siloed in academia and are therefore silenced to general audiences. As we reflect on the theme of 'Sea, Sky, and Land: Engaging in Solidarity in Endangered Ecologies,' how do we bridge the gaps between Science and Technology Studies, Environmental Science/Climate Change Studies, European post-humanism/post-growth theories of change and Indigenous theories of change that often include concepts of decolonization, post-colonialism and ontoepistemologies of relatedness? What lines of solidarity and allyship can we draw and how do we keep our messages from being siloed to only those who are already saying the same things as us? How do we assure that concepts of responsible relationships with each other and with science and technology are dispersed? In what ways are we including notions of solidarity with Sea, Sky and Land as living entities? In what ways are we related to/relating to machines, technology, science? This panel invites contemplations of allyship, and solidarity across disciplinary fields and Peoples. The term, 'Peoples,' should be considered inclusive of more than humans/non-humans, machines, Sea, Sky, Land and humans.

Contact: fiveredshoes@gmail.com

Keywords: Social Movements and STS, Decolonial and Postcolonial STS, Indigenous STS, Post-Human, Post-Growth, Antropocene, Climate Change, Transnational, Allyship, Solidarity

Published: 04/07/2023