107. The Political Economy of Solidarity in Times of Uncertainty

Martha Lampland, University of California, San Diego; Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, University of California, San Diego; Joan Donovan, Harvard Kennedy School;

The panel session invites submissions of papers that explore the political economy of solidarity in times of uncertainty. We seek contributions that examine the assemblages, configurations, possibilities, and constraints of solidarity as a means for collectively dealing with the challenges of the Anthropocene. We encourage submissions that explore different mechanisms and manifestations of solidarity in various contexts, across border, within social movements, in labor struggles, and in digital domains. We also welcome papers that examine the ways new formations of neoliberalism and globalization can both foster and impede solidarity. The panel seeks to bring together scholars from a range of disciplines. We welcome papers that utilize a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. We are particularly interested in papers that point at specific interventions and processes where forging relations of solidarity led to better collective outcomes, reflecting on the conditions of possibility that made these possible. Overall, the panel seeks to foster a dialogue on the importance of solidarity in creating a more just and sustainable future. We encourage submissions that contribute to this important conversation and offer insights into the transformative change that is necessary to prioritize solidarity and ecological adaptation in the Anthropocene.

Contact: mlampland@ucsd.edu, jpardoquerra@ucsd.edu, joandonovan@gmail.com

Keywords: Social Movements and STS, Economics, Markets, Value/Valuation

Published: 04/07/2023