Wen-Ling Tu, College of Innovation, NCCU; Kim Fortun; Tim Sch├╝tz;

This open panel proposal is part of a larger set focused on varied different kinds of problem spaces (rural, urban, irradiated and educational) dealing with environmental injustice. Papers on this open panel will focus on urban spaces, exploring diverse questions: What data is available to characterize environmental injustice in different urban spaces, for example, where are the data gaps and what data advocacy has there been? How are city governments acting in concert with governments at other scales? The panel extends from and will contribute to the Environmental Injustice Global Record project, designed to connect geographically distributed people working on similar problems, to connect research to teaching, and to build transnational webs of support with community partners. Through side-by-side development of analyses and digital archives focused on environmental injustice in different settings, collaborating researchers are striving to advance both the theory and practice of environmental governance. Presentations on this panel will both share new work and comment on the broader projects' shared analytic framework, digital infrastructure and overall design New collaborating researchers are welcome. The panel is designed to support the commitments of 4S to gather in Honolulu in a way that draws in Hawaiian peoples and issues, building new relationships that can be sustained long beyond the conference itself.

Contact: wtu@mail2.nccu.tw, kfortun@uci.edu, tschuetz@uci.edu

Keywords: Urban STS, Science Communication, Environmental/Multispecies Studies

Published: 04/07/2023