119. Interdisciplinary Explorations of Medicine in China

Haidan Chen, Peking University; Cheng Zhou, Peking University;

The advancement of science, technology and medicine improves our lives, but it also complicates how we live. China, as the home of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a rising power in biomedicine, has drawn particular attention from international communities to the history and modern development of TCM, the public reaction to emerging medical technologies, the ethical conduct of scientific research, the protection of human subjects in clinical trials, the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the care of patients at the bedside, and the enduring issues of doctor-patient relationships. While TCM remains a contentious topic, the deeply transformative nature of modernization remains to be a central challenge to this field in political, cultural, social, and economic discourses across China. This panel calls for papers from STS, history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, bioethics, law, and related disciplines to explore medicine in China, aiming to provide the audience an overview of current studies on medicine in China from various perspectives.

Contact: chenhaidan@bjmu.edu.cn, zhoucheng@pku.edu.cn

Keywords: medicine, China, TCM, emerging medical technologies, infectious diseases, doctor-patient relationship, China

Published: 04/07/2023