136. Worlds of Earth Law: Emergence and Governance of Earth's new Normative Spaces.

Alexander Stingl, University of Galway, Political Science and Sociology; Gilles Lhuilier, École Normale Supérieure de Rennes;

Law, technologies, and living things in 'nature' exist in a relation of co-production (Jasanoff). What happens, however, in practice when lawyers, technoscience, and 'nature' meet in transnational adjudication – Ecuador v Chevron being an ideal-typical case (Sawyer)? Emerging are new normative spaces (Lhuilier), each constituting a world of their own, but also form a 'world of many worlds' (de la Cadena/Blaser). In "normative spaces', transnational actors (private and public) produce diverse sets of extraterritorial, globalizing norms from choices of law technicalities (choices of jurisdictions, laws, but also of public order and normative hierarchies) through regimes of legal strategy, representation, or knowledge. Regulation and governance, doubly co-produced in a) constituting each normative space while b) configuring transnational governmentality, and vice versa, are now understood as Earth System Law (Kim) or Earth Law (Lhuilier) – the law of global governance in the Anthropocene era: As a new legal cultural infrastructure (Stingl) it obliges states and companies to prevent environmental and societal crises by mobilizing "scientific concepts" from STS, the social, ecological, and natural sciences (i.e. carbon footprint, non-human agency, etc.) applied via eliciting the "tools" of management sciences (planning, audits, accounting, etc.). This panel will invite papers that consider Earth Law and normative spaces as co-productive worlds of configurations of legal practices, technoscientific practices, and living and lively agencies in three instances (Panel 1: Living Worlds of the Blue Economy, Panel 2: Multispecies Worlds, Panel 3: Interstitial Worlds of Extraction and Ecosystems) Proposed Format: 4 papers, 1 discussant per panel.

Contact: alexander.stingl@universityofgalway.ie, gilles.lhuilier@wanadoo.fr

Keywords: Governance and Public Policy, Transnational STS, Environmental/Multispecies Studies, Law and STS, Coproduction

Published: 04/07/2023