138. Flowing Futures: Ancestral, Mundane and Global Circulations on the Scales of Imagination

Martin Perez Comisso, SFIS - Arizona State University; Dayna Jeffrey, York University;

Hawaií has been an epicenter of future-making since ancestral times: The temporalities of living on an island (Kuga, n/d), sustainable intergenerational practices (Chirico & Farley, 2015), narratives informed by indigenous futurisms (Amos, 2016), and the forward-thinking Hawaii Research Center of Futures Studies, which had pioneered the field and methods of future studies for many decades (Dator, 1998). The latter is also where Experiential Futures (XF) emerged over a decade ago (Candy, 2010), a practice that formalizes the connections between foresight and design in vivid and immersive ways (Candy and Kornet, 2019). As STS continues approaching the impacts of future thinking and anticipatory knowledge critically (Konrad et al. l, 2016), we would like to dedicate this panel to projects analyzing futures in movements spread through air, land, and sea, or humans, animals, media, etc. In this panel, we invite those working and thinking about circulation and scales of future knowledge -imaginaries, narratives, expectations, and visions-, to dive into the concepts, strategies, and events that investigate the trajectories of technoscience in futures. We aim to share and discuss futures moving through scales and fluxes of imagination, enduring infrastructures and/or fictitious worlds. The increasing research in STS on popular and mediatic techno visions such as the fourth industrial revolution, transhumanism, or metaverse are particularly welcome to land (physically and intellectually) in the continuous conversations around decentering and contesting images of the future (Pérez Comisso and Jeffrey, 2023) combining the wisdom of STS and the generativeness of futures studies in this session.

Contact: mapc.088@gmail.com, daynajeffrey88@gmail.com

Keywords: Forms and Practices of Expertise, Method and Practice, Transnational STS, Scales, Imagination, Futuring, Foresight, Future Studies, Imaginaries, Speculation

Published: 04/07/2023