150. Harnessing European Research Funding To Tackle Global Issues Affecting Science, Technology, and Society

Joseph Roche, Trinity College Dublin; Mairéad Hurley, Trinity College Dublin; Emily Dawson, University College London; Jason Pridmore, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Joana Magalhães, Science For Change; Aoife Taylor, Trinity College Dublin; 

The European Commission facilitates the largest research and innovation programme in the world, with its current 'Horizon Europe' programme having been allocated a budget of more than €95 billion from 2021-2027. Despite the implied focus on Europe in this funding system, there is an enduring appetite among European researchers to find ways to connect with global collaborators to ensure the funding has the widest possible benefit for society. This open panel will comprise linked sessions with invitations for papers that match European funded researchers with indigenous researchers around the world who will collaborate on an agenda for harnessing research funding to tackle oppression and marginalisation across science, technology, and knowledge-production. This panel will be led by researchers tasked with establishing the new pan-European Science Communication Centre that has been funded by the European Commission from 2023 until 2027. The centre (and this panel) will bring together eight research projects funded €10 million by the European Commission to tackle the topic 'Taking Stock and Re-Examining the Role of Science Communication.' The projects - CONCISE, RETHINK, QUEST, NEWSERA, TRESCA, ParCos, ENJOI, and GlobalSCAPE - are the only research and innovation actions funded by the European Commission under its research funding framework in the specific field of science communication. The coordinators of these projects will invite both European-funded researchers to share their experiences of channelling European Commission research funds to support global causes, as well as inviting global researchers to share ideas on how such funding can be harnessed to support indigenous research.

Contact: joseph.roche@tcd.ie, mairead.hurley@tcd.ie, emily.dawson@ucl.ac.uk, pridmore@eshcc.eur.nl, joana.magalhaes@scienceforchange.eu, aoife.taylor@tcd.ie

Keywords: Science Communication, Governance and Public Policy, Indigenous STS

Published: 04/07/2023