194. Interrogating the Anthropocene: Epistemic and Ontic Vocabularies of Dissent

Margaret Walkover, University of Hawaii - Manoa;

This open panel welcomes presentations interrogating discourses of the Anthropocene. Our session engages epistemic and ontic vocabularies that, in the process of challenging hegemonic discourse, also recognize the interdependencies of human and non-human power arrangements. We also ask; "In our efforts to account for the complex dynamics of social relations, how might we better recognize the interdependencies of living entities with the powerful motilities of planetary solids and fluids?" With this in mind, we welcome presentations from the natural and social sciences exploring the dynamics of collaboration and exploitation. We encourage a diversity of 4S abstracts, including topics found below: 1) How techno-science is used to translate the geologic and biospheric forces of the planet into opportunities that advance exploitive and extractive practices. 2) Public engagement with Anthropogenic discourses including citizen science; participatory science; community-based resource management, community based participatory research and other practices that disrupt hegemonic power relations. 3) Environmental justice and sustainability including discourses on disasters; the colonization of ecological knowledge; feminist and indigenous interrogations of sustainability; and social mobilizations engaging health disparities and environmental exploitation catalyzed by Anthropogenic dynamics. 4) Critique of global discourse and practices to manage global warming including governmental, private and non-profit technocratic framing and solution making. 5) Environmental Humanities including the role of the interpretive social sciences in recognizing social complexity and giving meaning to the ubiquitous relational dynamics experienced on, and generated by, the planet.

Contact: walkover@hawaii.edu

Keywords: Forms and Practices of Expertise, Governance and Public Policy, Decolonial and Postcolonial STS, Anthropocene; epistemology; ontology; environmental justice and sustainability; social epidemiology/population health; feminist knowledge; indigenous knowledge; environmental humanities; environmental sociology

Published: 04/07/2023