164. Scientists preparing futures, and the relevance of time studies in science and engineering developments

Emilia Araujo

As the COVID-19 pandemic shows, time is a central concept in social studies of science. Understanding it is crucial for shaping politics in today's rapidly changing world. In this open panel, we aim to explore the relationship between time, sciences, and technologies, with a focus on the potential of time policies and pedagogies to address emerging societal challenges. The panel will bring together scholars from various disciplines, including sociology, political science, and science and technology studies, to examine how different modes of understanding time in science and technology impact on innovation and shape policy decisions. We will explore how scientists have distinct perspectives and adopt different views regarding time, and how their understanding of the power of science and technology in preparedness towards the future is embedded what is being produced. In particular, the panel will provide a systematic overview of the contributions of the sociology of time to understanding changes in time uses and representations, including rupture and catastrophe, how they vary across social, cultural, and scientific contexts, and what implications emerge from rethinking the role of time in the development of science and technology.

Contact: emiliararaujo@gmail.com

Keywords: Governance and Public Policy, Time, Future, Anticipation

Published: 04/17/2023