Visiting International Fellowship Scheme (University of Sheffield, UK)

The Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield welcomes applications for its Visiting International Fellowship Scheme. The “Science, Technology and Medicine in Society” research theme represents a core interest for the department, and we would welcome applicants who work within Science and Technology Studies and/or Medical Sociology/Anthropology.

The Department offers two categories of Fellowship, and funds a maximum of one in each category per year. The categories are:

A Senior International Fellow should normally hold the equivalent position of a Senior Lecturer or Professor. An Early Career International Fellow should normally hold the equivalent of a postdoctoral research position or Lecturer. 

Fellowships are awarded for the duration of one academic year, and involve a mix of in-person (one visit) and virtual engagement and collaboration. In-person visits are expected to last between 4 and 6 weeks per year. Applicants may request funding for up to £3,000 (or up to £3,500) to support their travel and subsistence expenses for the duration of the visit.

The visiting scheme is open to academics worldwide who are able to demonstrate how they will contribute to fostering the development of international sociological research relations in the Department. The Department actively encourages applications to our Visiting International Fellowship Scheme from individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

For further information or to details are available here. To discuss an application, please do get in touch (Greg Hollin;

Published: 05/18/2023