Invitation from Nature Cities

This is a call to submit urban-focused contributions to shape discourse in a new publishing outlet, Nature Cities

Launching in January 2024, Nature Cities is a monthly peer-reviewed journal from the respected Nature portfolio. Nature publishes high-impact research and opinion in the biomedical and physical sciences, and is growing in social sciences. With Nature Cities, we have an opportunity to craft an innovative, interdisciplinary, cross-sector discourse with intellectual contributions that will help shape the future of cities -- and with them, most life on the planet. Early contributions to the journal will help set the tone for future publications, so the editors are eager to feature work that reflects a full range of the vast dynamics and deep issues of cities, with particular emphasis on novel discovery and perspectives featuring systemically underrepresented places, voices, and viewpoints. 

Nature Cities welcomes reviews, opinions, and original research to advance scholarly and public discourse on cities. Please consider submitting your urban-focused work! SPREAD THE WORD to others doing excellent work on cities! And feel free to contact Dr. Allison Laskey, Associate Editor, at with queries and ideas for contributions. 

Published: 08/17/2023