Trans/Queer Gaming Ph.D. Student Position

From Phoebe Toups Dugas :

I am seeking a Ph.D. student, including international, to research trans/queer gaming at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The scope of work is open, but projects that center designs to support gender euphoria and/or minimize dysphoria; promote equity by highlighting diverse needs in  design processes; and/or extract from existing games reusable design knowledge are ideal. Our latest paper is "Analyzing Trans (Mis)Representation in Video Games to Remediate Gender Dysphoria Triggers" and is likely a good starting point for any student. For context, my research is moving into trans/queer gaming work and is largely published in human-computer interaction venues. My work typically includes qualitative analysis of game interface design, though also includes ethnographic fieldwork, system building, and quantitative user/player studies. My Google Scholar profile is here:  The position is part of my startup at Monash University and is essentially a Monash Graduate Scholarship (details here: Any appointment is subject to Monash University processes and rules, as well as Australian immigration processes.

Published: 11/01/2023