Surveillance in an Age of Crisis
The 10th Biennial Surveillance Studies Network / Surveillance & Society Conference #SSN2024
28-31 May, 2024
Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law
University of Ljubljana,
Ljubljana, Slovenia

With a keynote address by Meredith WhittakerPresident of Signal and Chief Advisor to the AI Now Institute

Call for Papers
The world is facing an unprecedented combination of crises: a widening gulf of inequality and contradictions in the capitalist economic system, the intensification of new and existing forms of social injustice, mass mobility and migration on a scale unseen in the past, renewed authoritarianism and multiple attacks on human rights and even the concept of a shared humanity, digital disruption of politics and social relations, psychic and material insecurity, the destruction of our local and global environments, and the potentially catastrophic alteration of the climate which allows life to flourish on this planet. We are entering an age of crisis. But we are also witnessing and enabling a new world struggling to be born.
Surveillance has always had an intimate relationship with crisis and transformation. Surveillance appears, spreads and intensifies as a response and an 'answer' to crises. Crises sharpen and focus ordinary problems, practices and technologies of government and social ordering. Crises have shaped the way in which surveillance is understood, developed and implemented at all levels. And finally, surveillance has also helped to shape the very construction, perception and understanding of crises. 
SSN 2024 asks us all to face this age of crisis and confront the multiple intersections of surveillance in and around it. We call for proposals for papers, panels, doctoral colloquium participation, and other interventions on all aspects of surveillance in these times of crisis. 
Venue, Accessibility & Streaming
The Conference will take place over 3 full days from 29-31 May, 2024, at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. All in-person sessions will be streamed online, and there will also be a dedicated online track with remote presentations for presenters who cannot attend in-person.
Keynote Speakers and Special Sessions
Keynote speakers and special sessions will be advertised as we develop them, but we can already announce Meredith Whittaker, President of Signal and Chief Advisor to the AI Now Institute, as one of our keynote speakers. 
Doctoral Colloquium
There will also be an associated in-person colloquium for doctoral students on the afternoon before the conference, 28 May. Interested doctoral colloquium participants should indicate their interest in attending the colloquium via the regular conference proposal submission portal.
Please submit your paper, panel or other abstract, from October 31st, via:
Deadline: December 31st 2023.

Published: 11/01/2023