Editor-in-Chief of Social Studies of Science - Call for Interest

Editor-in-Chief of Social Studies of Science CALL FOR INTEREST

The journal Social Studies of Science (SSS) is inviting expressions of interest for the position of Editor-in-Chief.

The aim is to have a new Editor-in-Chief (EiC) in place by September of 2024, to serve initially in collaboration with the current EiC, Sergio Sismondo, with the transition to be completed by September 2025. The new SSS Editor is expected to fill the position for a minimum of three years following the transition, with possible renewal for a second term. We are glad to consider proposals either from individuals, or for co-editorship by a pair of EiCs. The EiC has primary responsibility for the ongoing curation of the journal and works closely with the journal’s Associate Editors to manage the peer review process and ensure timely publication. The editorial team is supported in setting editorial directions by the journal’s Editorial Advisors.

To help maintain SSS as a venue for the publication of research of outstanding quality and relevance in science and technology studies, we seek scholars who are deeply engaged in the field and have extensive experience with editorial work. We welcome expressions of interest from colleagues located across regions and with expansive visions of the field of science and technology studies past, present and future.

Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to consult with the current EiC, Sergio Sismondo, prior to submitting a formal proposal. Please contact him at sismondo@queensu.ca for further detail on the various dimensions of the role, the associated budget, the contract with Sage, and other relevant matters.

Expressions of interest should be in the form of a proposal of no more than four pages, emailed to the selection committee chair, Lucy Suchman, at l.suchman@lancaster.ac.uk The proposal should detail motivations to apply for the role of EiC, editorial philosophy and vision for the journal, editorial experience, and contributions to the field of science and technology studies (in particular, capacity building and disciplinary service). A full CV should also be included as a separate attachment. Those interested in serving as CoEiCs should submit a single proposal, with separate CVs for each applicant. Proposals should also include statements of support from Heads of Department or other relevant parties at the applicants’ institution of employment, as a supplement to the primary statement.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is May 1, 2024. Proposals will be reviewed by a committee drawn from among the current Associate Editors and Editorial Advisers. The committee comprises Yuko Fujigaki, Edward Hackett, Adam Hedgecoe, Javier Lezaun, Martyn Pickersgill, Lucy Suchman (committee chair), and Ana Viseu. Vivette García Deister, EiC of Tapuya, has also kindly agreed to serve. The committee will produce a recommendation, with the final decision confirmed by the Associate Editors and Editorial Advisors, in consultation with Sage Publications Ltd.

Published: 11/20/2023